Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Not So Much Labor, But A Lot of Birthday

This year Labor Day fell exactly on Jerry’s Birthday!  IMG_4086Thanks to Tim and Jamie, we had a super celebration with no labor.  Jamie cooked some delicious grilled carrots, pineapple and shrimp to start off our feast. Caroline provided her usual beautiful granddaughter ingredients.  Friends arrived at various times throughout the afternoon and evening.  Swimming was interspersed, whenever anyone felt like it. The laughs spread generously.  Then, there were steaks grilled to perfection. What more is there to say, except that by the time we got IMG_4064to the birthday cake it was really dark in the Hurley backyard.  But still, that cake was soooooo good!
And, you know how sometimes the photos for some kind of special event just generally suck?!   Well, this wasn’t one of those days.  I managed to take a few good ones.  So, instead of a lot of conversation about Jerry’s Birthday, I’m posting a few more photos here……

P.S.  Yes, other things have been going on in our lives.  For instance, two family reunions and visits with sisters, aunts and other kin.  I’ve made a few updates in that regard over at  (I know, I’m blog nuts!! Nyah-Nyah )

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