Thursday, September 12, 2013

How Far Can This 2nd Grader Travel?

The latest travel adventure in this neck of the woods involves a special 2nd grader in our family, Eland.  Eland's Elementary School Class ProjectHe has a class project with the aim of learning about geography and travel.  The kids are asking everyone they know who 2009 Eland and Popsmight be traveling, or who lives in another state from Indiana, to send them a postcard from that state with a few words about what it’s like there or something unique. Eland will have the opportunity to read each card he receives to the class.  Now is that cool, or what!
So, I thought I would help out by posting the information about his project here on Hurley Travels.  If anyone has an extra postcard and would like to give this young man a chance to learn about your home state or somewhere you’re traveling, the mailing information is on the banner posted here. I’ll update the blog as I learn how the class is doing.
Below is a section of the project information, in case it isn’t legible on the other piece:
Eland Class Project
As far as other happenings in the Hurley camp, we’ve been relatively involved, so to speak.  I will be coming up with a rundown soon.
Thanks for visiting Hurley Travels. Stay safe.

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