Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Hoosier Outdoors and Hurley Rides Again

These past 30 days have included the usual happenings, but also a few unique ones.   For instance, our 13th wedding anniversary, our Niehaus family reunion, some good and bad recipes in Jerry’s smoker, and visiting with a friend that I haven’t seen in way too many years. (Good to see you, Melissa!)  And even though I don’t have details here on everything, those memories are cataloged in special places.
So, I'm doing my usual overview on the space here at Hurley Travels with two of our newsy pieces.  We've been enjoying the Hoosier Outdoor Experience and Jerry’s new toy, Bruno.Krissy has a treat for her friend.
On September 21 Krissy and I had a very pleasant, sunny day of volunteering and roaming at our local state park.  This is one of those roundabout happenings.  My girlhood  (really really longtime) friend Mary Jo, who now lives in New Mexico, forwarded an email to Krissy from the Hoosier Back Country Horsemen. Mary Jo’s a former member.  They were looking for volunteers during the Hoosier Outdoor Experience at Fort Harrison State Park, just around the corner from our house. We both, of course, enjoy getting out into nature.  And since Krissy has never lost her horse-loving spirit since the days she spent her free time riding and grooming Snaz (her favorite horse), we both were happy to take part.  Turns out the Hoosier Outdoor Experience is two days of learning and doing everything outdoors, from fishing to gold panning and off-roading to tree dogs.   Volunteering for us meant acquainting people with information on the riding trails in Indiana, showing them the Dutch Oven cooking and making sure kids didn’t put their hands in the horses mouths.  Some young peopleSally demonstrates cleaning her horse's hoof. learned to saddle the horses, clean hooves, etc.  Susan, one of the horse owners, taught visitors how to tie knots and do knot tricks. 
One of the highlights of having some time with the Hoosier Back Country Horsemen group was that we both got the chance to visit with a friend, Yvette Rollins,Connie and Yvette making strawberry dessert and chili in the dutch oven. that we knew years ago from riding trails.  Horses are a primary part of her life.  Many people understand that. There sure were lots of folks enjoying the horses here.   Yvette and other members of the group taught everyone about how they conserve the outdoors, whether it’s cooking without scorching the ground or leaving no trace with their special mats for the horses.  We learned about cooking in a volcano Dutch oven that circulates the heat, while stacking the cast iron pots with various types of food, one on top of the other.   They shared some delicious chili and cinnamon coffee cake and other goodies with everyone passing through!
Then, after our few hours of volunteering, we hopped on a shuttle bus to experience a little more around the park.  There were families everywhere, canoeing, shooting, fishing and learning about trees, birds, dogs and on and on.  For instance, strolling through the many exhibits we chose to spend some time watching the demonstrations of the tree dogs.  Very fun to watch them focus, focus, focus!  After some time at the lake and feasting on a  huge hot dog and Bruno and Jerry taking another excursion, Oct, 2013.elephant ear, we took the bus back to our car for a short ride home.  What a great day!

But what else have we been up to at the Hurley household?!  Just another addition in the Hurley garage!  Bruno, the Suzuki Burgman 400, joined the group about three weeks ago.  He’s getting along pretty well with Ole Yeller, Ruby and Ferd so far.   Of course, Jerry contemplated, researched, calculated and reviewed before deciding that it was time and the Burgman was the choice.  Oh yeah, first he did the appropriate shopping and debating. Tim helped, too.  When Jerry found what appeared to be the best deal, age, color, and so on, Tim was ready with his trailer hooked to the pickup -- they made the trip to southern Indiana.  The father/son trip was a special part of this story, too.  (Yes, guys, I think so!)  Wish I had a better pic of the two of them in the garage after they unloaded it in the rain. But Tim didn’t stop cleaning the bike long enough.  So, here I hTim and Jerry take a look at the details of the new Burgman 400.ave the top of their heads as they investigate another doohickey!
Without going into a great deal more explanation or description, here’s the new means of transportation at the Hurley place.  Yes, he says he’s come full circle: At 17 years old he had a Vespa that he attempted to ride from Indianapolis to Phoenix.  (That’s a story for another day.)  About ten years ago we had a Harley, before our fulltime RVing days.  There were some good times on “Cherry” too.   And today, Bruno is getting Jerry around town, to the post office, hardware store, and the long way around to wherever he decides to go. 

Lastly, for those wondering, we are getting ready to make our exit from the cold climate in mid November.  Ferd is waiting patiently for us to load clothes, supplies and fuel for the trip.  Things are different now that we have a stick home to button up.  You know, storing the grill and the flower pots and turning off the Internet and TV services, etc., etc.  But we’ll be watching the weather as November moves along.   There are roads to the south that are holding more experiences for us. 

Thanks for visiting us at Hurley Travels.  Stay safe.

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