Sunday, August 4, 2013

Hiking Among the Trees and the Art

Krissy and Emma enjoying Ft. Harrison State Park.Exercise is good for me, right?!  Krissy and I (Nancy) chose a day of her vacation week to go for a four-mile hike in the woods and a three-hour walk through the art museum.  Emma was along for our hike and loved every minute of sniffing the trail, watching the squirrels and wading in the creek. But laying down in the creek wasn't for her at all! She sprang right back up and wouldn't even sit after that. Just toooo cold on her belly!
Fort Harrison State Park is only a couple of miles from our house - a beautiful place to spend a 70s summer day.
Emma tries out the water.

Oh yes, we also stopped after our hike to walk through an old cemetery located in the Fort, dating to the early 1800s.  We both like just poking around, looking at the old tombstones.

Then, after cleaning up a little and leaving the dog at home to nap, we headed for a favorite Greek restaurant.  Some spicy feta and a Greek salad revved us up again with energy for exploring the Indianapolis Museum of Art.   We roamed through the American and European paintings and sculptures, the ancient and decorative art and some interesting prints and drawings.  There was much more we didn’t get to, two floors in fact.  But we were happy with our dose of art and ready to call it a day.  
Krissy's new car.

Part of the fun of the day was the transportation for our activities around the city,  Krissy’s new Honda Fit, just one day in her possession. Great ride! 

My legs were only a little sore after all the miles we covered by foot. What a fun day! 

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