Thursday, July 25, 2013

More of This Summer with the Hurleys

Well, there it went! Another month of our summer passed right by.  Life just happens so quickly!  When I decide to put my mind to this blog, whether it’s after one week or six weeks, I’m often amazed at all that has happened.  Sometimes I begin a post thinking there’s really not much to say.  Then it starts… checking the camera and the phone to jumpstart my memory….glancing at the calendar for notes, staring out the window hoping to get the old brain cranked up.  By the time I decide to end a post, I’ve conjured up more than it makes any sense to include here.  What to leave out???  It’s easy to cross off the dentist and doctor appointments and illnesses.  No need to say more!  I usually begin choosing my topics by sorting pics, eliminating those nasty out-of-focus ones, or the embarrassing ones. Yes, I have them! The photos that make the cut give me the kick in the butt….I can start rolling.  Before I know it, we’ve got another page in Hurley Travels.   
So, I'll give it another try....
My inclination on Hurley Travels is to leave out the melancholy parts.  After all, who wants to look back on those.  But occasionally some event just begs to be here. This is one of those.  For this post I decided to include a comment about the tragedy at the Yarnell Hill Fire on June 30.  This little town is a place we have enjoyed visiting when we are staying in Congress, AZ.  We were happy to have a chance to spend a good deal of time with our friends in Congress this past winter.  Some may remember the posts I made about those fun times in Arizona.  When we make this area a winter home,  one highlight is the times we go as a group on the ten-mile trip up the mountain to Yarnell or Peeples Valley, to one of the local restaurants.  In fact,  in late February Jerry and Dee took us on a 4wheeling trail through the countryside that led us to the Ranch House Restaurant in Yarnell where we sampled their fabulous food and friendly atmosphere.  Luckily, the restaurant was unharmed by the June wildfire that took the lives of 19 Hotshots from Prescott.  Along with so many other people, we have great sadness for the families of those firefighters, as well as sympathy for those who lost their homes.  There are folks from Congress that are pitching in to help in whatever way they can.  Some are donating space in an RV, some give of their time to help the many who are in need of supplies and shelter.  Jerry and Dee returned early from their summer travels in Colorado to do what they could to help out.  Now they are volunteering six days a week, helping to distribute clothes, make home repairs and whatever they are asked to do.  We are keeping everyone in our prayers as they all pull together.  (Here’s a site with a bit of the latest information.) 
Meanwhile, we are also following the explorations of several of our RVing friends around the country this summer.  There are those taking in New York City, Pennsylvania and  D. C., and points north and south on the east coast.  We have stories and great photos from travelers in Montana and Wyoming.  The beauty of the west coast, Oregon and Washington, is also being explored.  And then there’s the group of about 12 having a blast up in Alaska.  Keep enjoying yourselves!  We’re watching.
As far as the Hurleys in Indianapolis, we’re celebrating birthdays, holidays and exploring new cooking devices.  In late June, granddaughter Caroline turned 20.  Wow!
Caroline gives some hot air for her 20th.Caroline
How could that be?!  We are happy to be watching her grow into a young lady, even if it is going so fast.  She is working at “Play It Again Sports” and getting her college education.  Of course, enjoying country music concerts and hanging out at the pool are priorities as well.  It was fun being with her friend, Kelly, and Jamie and Tim for a backyard birthday.  
Caroline, Jamie, Tim
Our 4th of July festivities were relatively quiet, but  still a great day.  Can’t believe I didn’t take any pictures of Jerry grilling, or Caroline eating, or Krissy’s dessert, or of me and K with our sparklers.  Oh well, next year.
One of the best happenings in this household over the past month was Jerry’s newest culinary exploration.  He studied, and considered, and read recipes and recommendations.  And then he used our new Amazon Prime account to order his new SMOKER!  First he tried some chicken legs, thinking that it would be a cheaper experiment, in case he had Jerry's new throw it away.  But, we enjoyed those smokey legs….a lot! 
Then he moved on to the pork shoulder.  Somewhere he learned about rubbing it first with mustard.  Then he covered it with the rub he purchased and wrapped it in Saran wrap overnight. Jerry and his pulled pork. Well, whatever his secrets were, we had scrumptious pulled pork!  Can’t wait for the brisket and more smokin' goodness.
Don’t say this family doesn’t know how to live it up!  Winking smile   A week or so later, Tim and Jamie called to invite us to join them at a fishing lake a few miles north of Indianapolis.  They had decided on the spur of the moment to take their motorhome for an overnight.  It didn’t take us long to throw the folding chairs in the back of the Jeep and head that way.  Besides, this was another chance for a birthday, this time Jamie’s. I did take photos of Jamie with her gifts, of the grandkids, Ben and Caroline, fishing and building a fire and visiting with their Gramps, Tim roasting hot dogs, etc.  I know I did.  But where are they?  Can’t seem to find them in the camera, the computer, anywhere. So this episode will have to be imaginative.

And speaking of food....a bonus for us recently is that Krissy walks, or runs, on what is called the Monon Trail near her apartment almost every day.  Sometimes she finds blackberries growing wild and comes prepared to pick them.   This last trip she found enough berries for two blackberry tarts.  And guess who received one of them?!  But I forgot to snap a shot of the creation before we gobbled it down to the last bite.  Yummy!  Krissy's blackberry tart.
I’ll conclude this Hurley story with an impromptu visit from Tim and Jamie while they were out for a Sunday Harley ride.  Thanks kids!  Love seeing you anytime.

Thanks for visiting on Hurley Travels.  Have fun and be safe!


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