Thursday, June 28, 2012

Technology Addiction or Enjoying the Ride?

Today Caroline came by to visit, which is always great fun for us.  Since I had some work to do, she and her grandfather, Gramps, “talked among themselves”  while I finished up so we could go to a new lunch spot. Soon, the scene in our living room involved five or six digital/technological mechanisms.  That’s not unusual for us, but it just struck me funny today, realizing how much we ‘need’ the technology fix and enjoy it. 

The two of them, Caroline and Gramps that is, were talking about her college courses as well as today’s momentous Supreme CourtCaroline registers for college online. decision on the Health Care Act . Specifically, it was mostly Gramps informing Caroline and pushing her to get registered for this coming semester (her sophomore year).  She says “I will soon, Gramps.”  He says, “Why not do it right now.  You can use Nancy’s laptop.” 

Fast forward to when I take a break to see Jerry is happy with his iPad.what’s happening with them in the other room.  Here’s the scene:  Caroline setup with the laptop selecting her 15-hours of courses (with her trusty Blackberry and iPod close by); Gramps reading the news and opinions on his iPad (Maude); me (Nancy)  with my digital camera photographing the two of them while reading a text on my Android. We all had what we needed immediately.  Can we remember a time when we didn’t have these instant results?  Do we want to?  Not really.

Addicted to technology?  No, don’t think so.  I might call it cruising along in the fast lane enjoying the ride. 

Thanks for using your technology to read Hurley Travels.  Stay safe.

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  1. It definitely is an addiction. We sure love it. I say that as Dee and I sit, glued to our laptops at the Montrose Colorado Elks Lodge. We have camped for 4 weeks without cell/internet. But we have been reading our Kindles a lot. Does that count?
    Having said that there has been many a time when some of that technology goes awry, that I would like to pitch it all in the lake and live the simple life again!
    Keep having fun, with or without the technology.
    Love from Jerry and Dee


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