Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Arming Myself…with a little help from my friends

Since my morning walk on July 4 posting on the blog has been an extra difficult challenge.  This photo tells that story.

I broke both my right wrist Nancy waiting for the arms to heal.and my left elbow…just taking a walk in the neighborhood.  Yes, it’s the truth.  Grace, agility, concentration, awareness, lots of ways to describe the areas where I may have lacked in performance that morning. Really though, there was a biiiiiig dip in the sidewalk!  But, we’ll just move on.  Six weeks have passed now since Jerry began doing just about everything you can think of for me.  I’ve progressed to dressing myself and I actually took a shower the other day, since I have more use of the left arm and he wrapped my cast securely in plastic.  These have been some interesting weeks!

But anyway, I am now able to do a little more typing. The left arm is not casted and it feels much better. I can make it through a blog post, slowly….

You would probably think this situation could cause insanity. Yes, it’s really a huge pain not being able to pick up a full cup of coffee or comb your hair.   But, I’ve read books, listened to lots of podcasts and webinars on the iPad, Nancy wins the Niehaus Family Quilt, 2012surfed the Internet with one finger and watched more movies than I usually do. Krissy took me to the hair and nail spa.  Getting our toes done and a shorter haircut to assist in the grooming area sure helped raise my spirits. We’ve still had some family visits with grandchildren and at Tim and Jamie’s pool and made it to a family reunion in the past month. My sister, Marti, came to my rescue on typing my family newsletter. I even won the family memories quilt raffle at the reunion. Here we are with Aunt Peg, our quilter extraordinaire.

Actually, since my hubby is such a great caretaker, the moments of frustration or boredom have been at a minimum. He has prepared fantastic meals, served so that I can handle eating small bites with my left hand.   And, he has the cleanup duty, too. When I think about it, I’m pretty lucky. Maybe I’ll stretch this out a little.  Winking smile


  1. Hi Nancy! So good to see that you are well enough to write a Blog! We have been thinking about you so much and hoping that the healing is going well. You look marvelous.....and very cute with your cast and arm in that sling. :)!! Glad that Jerry is taking good care of you. Sending hugs, Jan & Chuck

    1. Hi Chuck & Jan, thanks for your good wishes.


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