Monday, June 18, 2012

My Great Niece, Chloe’s 15th

This weekend we had fun celebrating with a special 15-year-old, my great niece Chloe.  We don’t have a lot of opportunities to see her lately.  How nice to have the chance to talk with her and see how she’s growing into a fine young lady.  She still has that great smile, sense of humor and upbeat attitude as when she was just a little girl.  Now she’s planning for her freshman year in high school, raising funds for band camp this summer, thinking about possibilities for her future in teaching and, of course, boys. 

I am happy that she seems to be taking in so much of life.  But, WOW, has the life been flying by!   Happy Birthday, Chloe, and many good wishes for the future.


Then and Now: 

Chloe at five years old.

Chloe smiles for the camera at 15.

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