Friday, June 15, 2012

Colts Come Out For the Fans

Want to go with me to the Colts open practice this afternoon, Mom?  Well, of course….especially this Indianapolis girl who hasn’t yet been inside Lucas Oil Krissy enjoying the Colts.Stadium and has one of the biggest fans for a daughter that exists.  Krissy and I had a great afternoon watching the mostly-new Colts team workout.  This was a real practice, full team, plays and all….for free.   And we could select-a-seat. It  was quite cozy with just us and 7,498 other folks, some wearing Manning jerseys.
For a certain percentage of Colts fans, the pain is still lingering over the departure of Peyton Manning.  There has been much talk about whether fans would come out to support the team as strongly. And then there’s the new head coach and tremendous changes overall on the team. So there is a lot to get used to for those who’ve been supporting this team for years. I’m no judge by any means. But the fans on hand on Wednesday Indianapolis Colts 2012seemed to be into the newness. There was a
tremendous curiosity, of course, for quarterback Andrew Luck, #12, the top pick in the NFL, and the new head coach, Chuck Pagano.  But also getting a lot of fan attention were the veteran players, such as Dwight Freeney, Reggie Wayne, and Austin Collie. 
I enjoyed having the opportunity to leisurely  tour the stadium, with a minimal crowd,Andrew Luck, #12, quarterback for Indianapolis Colts taking a look from every vantage point. The sun was bright on the playing field as the roof was rolled back and the glass on the ends opened. We tried out a couple of different spots for seating, but decided to stay about 15 rows up near the 40 yard line, with a great view of the action.  Dwight Freeney, #93, Indianapolis ColtsAnd there was plenty to watch; passing, kicking, offensive line workouts and defensive drills, some of it simultaneous. Since I have my own personal football professor to fill me in on the players, stats, trades and other miscellaneous personal information, I was chillin’ (as they say). 
Krissy got a peek at some of the new players she has heard about on ESPN and her daily sports feeds.  I enjoyed the afternoon of observing people and players, learning more about the Colts and having time with Krissy. After an entertaining two hours of watching various football squads do their two-minute drills, 7-man somethings and defensive hand jives, we walked a few blocks to the Colts Grille for a short refreshment break and to talk over our season predictions before heading home. 
Thanks Krissy.  Mom had a super NFL day with her favorite daughter/football aficionado.

P.S.  If you’d like to look at more photos, click below.
Colts Day Photos

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