Monday, June 27, 2011

Way To Go Wes!

You know that happy surge in your gut when someone you care about tells you of a great accomplishment?    Right!…the goose bumps, then a big smile and the high five! That’s what happened to us when my nephew, Wes, gave us some fantastic news the other day. He won the 2011 Ultimate 64 Challenge at the Edgewater Sports Park in Cleves, Ohio.  Great job!!!

Wes and his dad, Gary, (Nancy’s BIL) race at this track often. Drag racing, that is.  As my sister, Lin, says: “We don’t do the round-y-rounds, straight tracks only.”  Well the latest win for Wes is something to make Lin and Gary pretty proud parents (and gives Aunt Nancy some braggin rights, too.)  We were sure excited the other day to hear his news. It couldn’t happen to a nicer guy. Wes has given us very generous assistance with our plumbing and air conditioning needs for our Indy home base. He is sales manager for Winnelson Plumbing Supply in Indy.  When he stopped by with our new air conditioner, he brought along the evidence (below) of his victory to share with us. I think I’d carry this with me for a while, too. Wes May, Drag Race Champion, Indianapolis, IndianaWes has been tuning, tweaking and racing his 1982 Buick Regal since he was 15 years old. He’s had his share of wins, but this one will stand out for a good long time, I’m sure. Don’t have a picture of him winning the latest one yet. But we have a news release that tells the story of how he worked his way into the winner’s circle, defeating NHRA champions along the way.  Here’s the link. 

Wes and Gary and Lin’s  whole family spend many summer days at the tracks around the Midwest.  They’ve had great family times along the way. But the win at Edgewater a couple of weekends ago was definitely a super high.  And Wes’s family was there to celebrate with him as he lit up the green light.  Now that’s a real turn on!  And here’s a photo of the May family after Wes took the prize:Wes May and Family, Ultimate 64 winner


And I have a few photos of Wes and Gary at a Muncie, Indiana track that include super action shots.  To take a look, click on the album at the end of the post.    Okay so once I got started looking around and uncovering everything, it was fun to add it all into this post. So, here goes.  I found a YouTube video of Wes racing at Edgewater track about a year ago. If you want to hear some great rumble and roar, here’s that link: Wes runs in May 2010

We plan to fire up Ferd and roll on over for a few races this summer.  Should be more stories to tell then.  Meanwhile, glad you stopped by here at Hurley Travels. Talk to you later. 

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