Monday, July 11, 2011

Sixty Days in Our Lives -- Seems Like Sixty Seconds

We all say it.  TIME FLIES!!!  Lately that’s been especially true for us. The last sixty days or so have included a myriad of happenings.  Let’s see…. renovating and furnishing our condo in Indianapolis, reorganizing, transferring stuff and storing the motorhome, traveling to and with old friends, garage sales, helping family with moving, family birthdays and friend gatherings, family history and family reunions.  A whole lot has taken place in about two months, but it seems like two minutes in time.

The major portion of those “two minutes” relates to our living situation.  I mentionedOur new home in Cape Cod Village, Indianapolis, Indiana briefly in a prior post that we decided to take the step into owning a “stick home” once again.  We wanted to add to our options, having some kind of home in Indianapolis, but keeping the freedom to live the rv lifestyle for a number of months of the year.  So, we went on a hunt for something near our family that would be easy to maintain.  We found a condo that seems to fit, small enough not to be too demanding, yet big enough that we can spread out a little for a few months while we visit and take care of business.  About two months ago the process of making this place our own began.  One of the interesting realizations is that after 7 1/2 years of the rv lifestyle some of the skills or knowledge we both had acquired from maintaining homes for years had faded just a tad. I believe some pieces of that home-ownership know-how were overwritten with our rving knowledge: selecting the best roadways, conserving water and energy and finding out-of-the-way parking places.  But we are recalling fast as we get into our latest home projects. As you can see in our photo, the garage is our temporary work room and storage at our new place. Laminate flooring, cut loop carpeting, paint, repairing eaves and gutters, tree trimming and filling rooms of furniture – it’s all coming back to us now. 

However, there have been several welcomed interruptions to the home projects.  Emma, Krissy's puppyA couple of weeks ago we had the easy job of dog sitting for one of our grand dogs, Emma, while Krissy’s friends helped her move.  That was a lot of fun.


Then there was the long weekend that Jerry and his good friend, Mike, traveled to Virginia on a quest to find a new home for Mike. Mike’s wife, Suzanne, and their children, Lauren and Mike and Jerry --  Guys weekend.Sean, will all make the move eventually.  For now, the guys had a scouting job to find a temporary home for Mike. They left Indianapolis on the day that Mike retired from the Indiana State Police after 32 years of service.  There are so many laughs when these two get together that the rest of us can’t translate sometimes. So, we know there were good times on this trip.  (Not sure that Suzanne and I have yet heard all about it.)

We are  excited for Mike on his new adventure with the National White Collar Crime Center in Virginia. They are fortunate he chose to make the NWC3 his next step in life.  He brings his expertise in cyber crime and his excellent training and communication skills.  Our next scouting job will be to find places near Fairmont, Virginia, for rv parking so that we can have our time with them.

And then there’s the short trip that Jerry and I made yesterday, along with about 100 other members of my Niehaus family, to the Pioneer ParkCharlotte Baxter, Nancy's Dad's sister. in Mooresville, Indiana.  The annual Niehaus Reunion has been bringing my paternal family together since 1939.  The relatives ranged from my Aunt Charlotte, who is 99 and still loves to see all the family at these gatherings, to the tiniest three-week-old infant.  Some of us don’t always remember each other, but all it takes is a few smiles and nods and the conversations start.  The family historian in me was thrilled when one of my cousins from Virginia showed up with photos of my great grandparents who immigrated from Germany in 1885.  Having never seen their faces, I was grateful to my cousin for sharing. This reunion is a time for us to take an afternoon from our busy lives to say hello to many relatives we rarely see, outside of funerals. I am always glad when I get the chance to go.

That brings us to today…..Looking forward to visiting with our RV friends, Chuck and Jan, this week as they stop by on their travels through Indiana.  Next week we’ll get Ferd rolling again for a short trip to Ohio and northern Indiana. Another sixty seconds will pass, I guess.

Glad you stopped by at Hurley Travels. Talk to you later.

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  1. We're sure looking forward to our visit, too! See you tomorrow! Hugs, Jan and Chuck


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