Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Time To Celebrate–With a Special Lady

Celebrating an 87th Birthday recently with my Aunt Peg was so much fun!  Aunt Peg with one of her doll clothing coats.She is always full of passion for the people in her life and the projects she takes on.  I know that when I visit her she’ll be anxious to learn where I’ve been and what I’ve been doing, as well as having lots to share with me about what’s she’s been up to. 

As usual she’s been burning up the sewing machine.  Her latest endeavor is sewing doll clothes like crazy for her great grandchildren’s American Girl dolls.  Here she is with a lovely coat. She had created a great variety of clothing:  dresses, pantaloons, jeans, blouses with pearl necklaces, capes and even silk pajamas and karate outfits.

Doll clothes created by Peg Stull.These grandchildren will definitely have the best-dressed dolls in the state, if not the country.  The details and love put into each garment were just beautiful.  I can picture the smiles these will bring to the children’s faces.

My sister, Marti, and I are always pleased to have the chance to make this short trip to the south side of Indianapolis to see our aunt.  Sometimes we have another cousin Peg's Birthday Lunch or three or four stop by.   On this visit we were lucky to have two more of our super cousins, Marilyn and Bill,  join in for Aunt Peg’s “Happy Birthday” lunch at the MCL.  Here we are: Marilyn, Marti, Bill, Nancy (me) and Aunt Peg (pictured at right) during our long and very pleasant meal.  We always enjoy these gatherings, lots of reminiscing and laughs.  In fact, this time we were all laughing so hard at Bill’s stories we thought they might ask us to leave.  But, oh well, they say laughter lengthens your life.  And, after all, we were celebrating a birthday with a special lady.

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