Monday, March 29, 2010

Warming Up With Friends In Yuma

It's heating up in southern Arizona, but we're totally enjoying some time in Yuma. A few days ago, we made our way south from Quartzsite on AZ state highway 95 about 80 miles.  Our friends Jan and Chuck let us know that there was room on the lot where they were parked.  So we set Tillie the GPS and Ferd took us directly there, with Ole Yeller on our tail.
We were pleased to get the chance to have these super folks as neighbors for a while.

Today, Chuck and Jan planned a gathering of a group of "Boomers". For those who aren't familiar, the Boomers is a loosely organized group of rvers of a certain age. Actually, the age is really not important, since there isn't much rule-enforcement involved. Any member may decide at anytime to announce a gathering at a place of their own choice. 

This particular gathering was a happy hour at the lot where we are in the Foothills in Yuma. Well, anyway, Jan put out the word on the Boomers Bulletin Board online and by word of mouth.  And -- voila-- a party!  Everyone brought a chair, a drink, a snack and came ready to share a good time.    

About 25 friendly folks turned out.  Before we knew it the happy hour had stretched to several hours. For Jerry and I it was nice to get reacquainted with a few friends that we haven't seen in quite a while. 

For instance, here's the always-smiling-and-ready-for-a-game-of-Pegs-and-Jokers Ron who came in his best duds.
And Jerry's with Padraic, who besides generously providing us all with updates on tech issues, is always ready to capture a fantastic group photo.  Great to see these congenial guys again - and many others.

We also had the opportunity to meet some new people.  A few  showed up for their inaugural Boomers' event.  And some were long-time, loyal, leaders of this prestigious "club" that we have not had a chance to visit with along the road in the past. 

As we have mentioned previously on the blog, the rving lifestlye never fails to bring together the gamut of folks who each have a unique story.  

Many tales were told at this event, as usual, but they will be entrusted to the vault, to be retold and enhanced at the choice of the raconteur.  (lol) You'll have to ask Jenny what was going on here. What happens with the Boomers, stays with the Boomers!

Thanks, Jan and Chuck, for hosting a fun evening.


  1. It really was a fun time, wasn't it? So glad that you guys are here with us on the lot.....we are enjoying every minute! Hugs, J&C

  2. I have been friends with MJ for a long time. We met when both worked at Chrysler. She forwarded your blog link for us to keep up with your travels to Alaska. We are hoping to also make this trip in a year or so. Isn't life good. We spent some time at Quartzsite and Yuma this past winter and are now back in Indy. We work ticketing at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway during the month of May and then off to Iowa to Adventureland to Workamp this summer. Can't wait to keep up with your blog. Barb and Bill McConnell


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