Thursday, March 25, 2010

A Spring Walk in the Desert

As we pause here in Quartzsite, Arizona, we are watching the changing of the seasons. Our two-day stopover turned into nine as we wait for a part for our solar monitor.

But it's been fun watching the snowbirds as they migrate north, perching here for one night and then taking flight in the morning.  The desert is beginning to bloom. The temps are rising.  And those of us chasing the 70-degree perfect climate are meandering to other places.

But we have a little while to enjoy Spring emerging in the desert.  On our walks there are signs of it everywhere.  So I thought instead of writing this time, I'd just share some photos from a spring walk in the desert.

Soon the humans will be even more scarce and the rattlesnakes will slither about.
See you down the road. Take care.


  1. Jack and I enjoy Q more when the crowds are gone.

  2. Thought you would like to know Hurley Travels is now an app on my iPhone. With just a touch on my homescreen I can follow the Hurley's anytime! I really enjoy your photos and stories. Safe travels. Karen.


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