Thursday, September 3, 2009

Thanks Again

It's time again to say "Thanks Guys." We appreciate you!

We're just completing another stop in Indianapolis. It's precious times with family and friends that draw us back. Oh yeah, the medical appointments are a must occasionally, but not the real reason. It's the ties that bind us.

These visits are always filled with lots of reminiscing and sharing, sometimes a few tears. Somehow the departure date never fails to get pushed back. Oh well.
You know how it goes.....a family birthday more lunch with an old opportunity to see someone you missed on the last trip or to stop by an old haunt. And then, we're off again.

A few days ago we celebrated Jerry's birthday with family and friends. Jenny and Tim give Dad a little love in the top photo. Tim generously holds our parking spot for Ferd at his home for whenever we decide to meander into the city.

Krissy, my awesome daughter, adds her smile to our birthday celebration, too. Our visits often include her sharing a new cooking technique or recipe. Oh, Jerry's birthday chili was superb!

Caroline and Ben, the grandchildren, are loving young people that never fail to make things interesting. We have fun keeping up with them on Facebook, email and maybe a text message or two as we roam the country.
But it's these face-to-face encounters that really rejuvenate us!

Another birthday on the agenda this trip was my onry sister Linda's. Many other people have a member of their family like this, I'm sure. The younger sister who tormented you continually as you grew up. Well, that's the one. Anyway, it was a nice lunch with my niece and my other sister. Here they are clowning around in the Red Lobster parking lot: Nikki (Lin's daughter), Lin and Marti. I'm the middle sister--always left out you know. Whenever we get together there's no lack of conversation and laughs. (Really, Lin's okay...I guess.)

We'll be pulling Ferd onto the road again tomorrow, looking for new experiences and crossing paths with rving friends. As we go our way, we are so thankful to have every one of our special people in our lives. Many are not mentioned here, but they know who they are.

A big hug and thanks to our family and friends for the support you all give us in our adventure. Our lifestyle is rambling but our ties do keep us grounded.

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  1. What great family photos! Enjoyed looking at all of the pics. Hope we see you guys out on the road this winter. Are you volunteering or workcamping anywhere? Hugs, C&J


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