Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Summer's End

It's the end of another summer. Labor Day weekend usually brings up certain topics for we adults. Each time it rolls around we say.....where did the months go?....why didn't we get to certain places. Or,... how about, why didn't we tackle those summer projects ? "For sure, summer we definitely will get to those things." But, remember when we were kids and time didn't seem to matter that much. Or maybe we just didn't have that much grasp of life flying by us. Not really such a bad thing, right?

These thoughts came to mind as we watched the six and eight year old children of our good friends splash and wrestle one last time in every last bit of the water as the family pool drained for the season. We had a great weekend parked in Mike and Suzanne's back yard in Marion, Indiana. There was a lot of story-telling and laughing as we caught up on our lives. It was an awesome way for us to conclude our 2009 summer.

Meanwhile, Lauren and Sean had a grand finale as the water swirled out of their pool. Their smiles told us it was a good summer for them, too. Oh, the joys of youth!

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