Monday, August 10, 2009

A Dog's Life - What If They Spoke Our Language?

Where have you guys been this time? Why don't you stay here? How come your house moves around and mine doesn't? Did you bring me a new ball? Can I come in your house? But really, most importantly, will you throw the ball for me, and right now?!

These are thoughts that I just know are running through Rio's head as we come and go from her house during the year. She's our grand-dog who lets Jerry's son, Tim, live with her here in Fishers, Indiana (northside Indianapolis). She's the smartest border collie in the world, of course.

We have other very smart grand-dogs, a friendly and beautiful lab named Sunny and the newest, a german shepard/greyhound/whatever, loving girl named Emma. Isn't it amazing how our animals become members of the family? We all receive so much payback from these creatures!

Even those of us who don't have an animal living in our household at this time enjoy visiting a lot with other people's. It's good for us in many ways. Emma took me and Krissy on an envigorating walk over the trail and through the creek in the woods of our local park the other day. It was a lot of fun and healthy for us all. We enjoy coming back to Indy to see all the family members, four-legged and two-legged.

In answer to Rio's questions above: since we last saw you in April we've taken the open road to our nation's capitol, visited good friends in Maryland, spent time at the beach in North Carolina, learned more of our nation's history at several historic sites in the east and volunteered at a national battlefield in Tennessee.

As we travel everywhere we meet all kinds of four-legged family members who are an important part of people's lives. We note that a large percentage of our rving compatriots have these traveling companions. If they could tell us about their experiences, can't you just hear it! "I have a new yard to smell every time I turn around. You can't imagine all the new friends I encounter and the country I see."

"A Dog's Life"-- how interesting it would be if they spoke our language!

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  1. So, you're back in the Indianapolis area, huh? We're just north of you in the northern Chicago area. We might be able to stop by and say hi, we're, for the moment, leaving here next Wednesday, I think. Ron has an appointment at the VA to have the results of his ex-ray read about what's going on with his knee. Hopefully, it's just a slight strain or something like that. Sounds like you have been having an awesome summer!

    Hugs, Sharon & Ron


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