Sunday, September 13, 2009

Crossing Paths

We're about 100 miles north of our last stop, in the RV capitol of Elkhart, Indiana.  Our primary reason to make this a destination was RV maintenance, oil change and lube, etc, and a few other items.  We like the Coach Care facility here, so here we are.But then, a couple of RV friends, Ron and Sharon Mead were passing this way and wanted to take in the interesting Amish country a few miles east.  Next thing we all knew we were on our way to the flea markets and restaurants in Shipshewana.  We decided to stop along Highway 20 on our way over at a "barn sale" where we encountered this young girl
with her pet raccoon.  Bandit enjoyed her grapes.
Just before we made it into the town of Shipshewana we noticed the black buggies parked along the highway and the stands setup for a flea market.  Had to make that stop, for sure.  We found many Amish folks making their Saturday trek to the market and a mixture of booths with everything from puppies and snakes to handmade leather items.  We resisted the yummy-looking homemade pastries, but had to at least buy a loaf of wheat bread. And, it was outstanding! One thing that seemed a little different than flea markets we are used to is the number of puppies for sale. It was fun to see them: hound dogs, Boston bull terriers, Cocker spaniels, and on and on...

Finally did make it into town where we all chowed down at the Blue Gate restaurant, a popular place for scrumptious country meals.   The four of us had an array of chicken, ham and pork chops with the various side dishes and healthy fresh-baked bread.  Then, it was off to explore Yoder's Dept. Store, offering a broad selection of fabrics, hats, shoes and iron cooking utensils.  Ron and Sharon found the dutch oven they've been wanting, so we are looking for goodies in the future.

A nice way to spend an afternoon---crossing paths with our friends as well as with a different way of life.

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