Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Working Around Obstacles

The past ten days has dramatically emphasized how right-handed I am and, especially the degree to which we use our thumb for every day tasks. This won't be a long post because I am typing with my left hand after having surgery to remove a mass from my right thumb. Jerry has been taking care of everything and doing an outstanding job. He insisted he would type this too but I am determined to overcome this obstacle -- at least until I can get this monstrosity removed in a few days. It feels like having a bowling ball attached to your arm since the doctor's instructions are to keep it elevated over my heart at all times. I've been doing a lot of reading and trying not to knock myself out in bed at night. Sure will appreciate that little appendage a lot more from now on!!


  1. OMG!!!!! That sure is an impressive cast! How do you keep it elevated over your head????

    Wishing you a quick recovery

  2. Oh my gosh, Nancy! That is one huge bandage. But you slill look like a BHW!! Hope it heals well and you're back to 100% soon. Chuck and Jan

  3. Wow does that look bad. Glad you took care of it and glad Jerry is taking good care of you.

  4. I haven't checked your blog in quite some time, so when I read something about getting a cast off, I thought, uh oh, better catch up on what's going on. I'm glad to hear you didn't break anything and also hope your thumb is doing a lot better by now.

    Hugs, Sharon & Ron


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