Thursday, May 22, 2008

Happy Trails With Technology

Finally, I'm back to say hello on the blog. Whatever it is that happens every day has somehow interfered. For sure, there's one culprit that's put a clog in these communications -- the dreaded "Computer breakdown." It crept up slowly, the symptoms we all know, the lengthier boot ups and program loads, the refusal to process photo adjustments, and the increasingly louder roar as the fan overworks itself. And, then come the unplanned black screens, the surprise shutdowns. Oh no, don't leave me in the middle of a posting.......... What to do??? After the due course of time while considering totally discarding the machine and preparing to deal with the perils of VISTA, I took it to the computer hospital and got good news. Today I am humming along in techno-heaven, processing away after replacing the fan and doubling my RAM. I am pleased with the total outlay of $200 that I expect could take me through another year or so.

While waiting for these computer remedies, it became more clear to me that in our current lifestyle we've become somewhat technology-dependent, yet happy to be so. For instance, I was thinking about how we've missed the 4wheeling in Moab this May but that we can still hear and see the excitement by way of friends. And how video and digital cameras, email, cell phone, and the internet embellish and preserve all types of experiences and relationships as we meander the countryside.
With that thought in mind I am posting a link to old video that we love to watch that a friend recorded during some fabulous slick rock adventures in Moab two years ago. At this point: Thanks again to Will and Dan and Jan and Geir for welcoming these two strangers into your 4wheeling group.
These are some older moments on the trails worth rewatching. Hopefully, they will last a long time. Some of you reading this will already have seen this video. But we never tire of it and hope some will enjoy its repeat. That's us coming up Hell's Gate in Ole Yeller in the first few minutes of the video and it carries on with some great 4wheelers experiencing the beauty of Moab on trails such as Steelbender, Poison Spider, Metal Masher and more. Click here and take a ride with us:


  1. Now that was a fun video.
    Laura B

  2. I always think computer problems are scary, but watching the 4wheeling video put technology challenges into perspective. I know the bit at the end of the video, going down the steep hill that looks like it goes over a cliff, will figure in my nightmares tonight... when we will be driving it in our motorhome! :-)

    Safe travels,
    Laurie (and Odel)
    Writing today from Sacramento, CA


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