Sunday, June 8, 2008

Back In The Writing Saddle

Hooray, hooray, I'm typing away! I can tie my own shoes again. That nasty cast I carried on my right arm for what seemed like an eternity came off the other day and the doc gave me a positive report. I feel as though it's Christmas.
However, it was somewhat interesting, and a little comical, to learn what I could actually do with my left hand (being totally right-handed). Of course, there are the essentials, like eating. I was hoping that since some types of food slipped right off the fork as I wiggled it to my mouth using the clumsy left hand, that there was a reduction in calories and I would lose a few pounds. Probably not, since I wrestled with that pie late one night when hubby was asleep.

Also I discovered how many more cooking skills Jerry possesses. Now I realize some of you reading this already think he is a "Chef Extraordinaire" for his chili and "stoup" concoctions, but he showed me during these ten days that he has even more talent. He can be patient while I give him my instructions as to my own way of chopping, stirring, sprinkling and flipping.

Well, so much for dwelling on my thumb tales. This step in our medical progress prompted us to sit down today for some more serious planning of our excursions for the next few months. It looks as though we will be exiting Indy in mid-July, after a short trip up to Michigan over the 4th to visit a friend. Our Streets and Atlas program was purring strong today, calculating the mileage over various paths. With the price of fuel, we seem to be putting even more consideration into which places we want to visit. Should we head up across Minnesota and North Dakota and Montana on the way to our New Mexico winter destination? Or would the path across Iowa and and down through Colorado suit us ? Anybody got some favorite spots to recommend? Many times it's those towns or sites that a friend passes along, or an unscheduled stop that we find on the road, that turn out to be the most memorable. The plans aren't firm until we're rolling along anyway. Wherever you are, hope this finds everyone enjoying a super summer!


  1. glad to see that you have both hands again. I will be in the same boat on June 19 when I have a shoulder replacement. I agree about being more careful where you drive, but we aren't giving up this lifestyle.

  2. Good to see you with both hands working

  3. Great news! Glad you are two-handed again.

  4. Well Merry Christmas to you and your right hand. When things happen it makes you look at other things differently. Glad you are doing good.


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