Friday, June 13, 2008

Sharing Time Travels

In the past couple of months we haven't put many miles on Ferd; but time travel can be as enjoyable as rolling down the road, depending on the people who share it with you. That is exactly how a recent trip went.
The other day my sister, Marti, and I celebrated my Aunt Peg's birthday with her. She's a lively 84-years-young. It was so enjoyable to spend the day having lunch at the local MCL cafeteria (just a couple of blocks from where I grew up) and talking with Aunt Peg about her quilting and our family. Here she is looking at the new photo album we gave her to keep momentoes of all her beautiful quilts. She is an inspiration and just a hell-of-a-lot-of-fun. Her can-do attitude and sparkling personality are enough to get anyone energized.

Each year her quilts are the coveted prize at the family reunion raffle. And the last few years I've been thrilled to take part by producing family history squares carrying genealogy information and photos. As I continue to search out more family information and photos, I know I can bring them to her and we'll have another great conversation from the memories that are conjured up. Of course, these discussions bring back my own recollections. It seems like yesterday that we were little children at Christmas at Grandma Weber's sitting on Santa's lap, who happened to be Uncle Shad, Peg's husband. And the memories go on-and-on.............
Have I made you reflect a little? Did you have a flashback to your aunts and uncles at Christmas? Or how about high school dates? Or camping in the summers with your girl scout troop? Are you an aunt or uncle who might share some of those great recollections with a niece or nephew? Now's the time to enjoy some time travel!

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  1. How nice to be able to celebrate your aunt's birthday with her!

    Yep, you started us thinking of our past too.


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