Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Takin it to the Track for the "Mutt Strut"

That familiar loud roar of race cars was absent on Sunday when a few of us took a lap around the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. About 4,000 dogs and their human friends gathered to socialize at the annual Mutt Strut, a benefit for the Indianapolis Humane Society. What a blast!

There was every size and style of dog, even a miniature pony. So, the photo ops were unbelievable. Some were dressed in their Sunday best and everyone behaved. The biggest uproar we heard was when a few of the dogs became alarmed at a human dressed in a dog costume. Here are some photos that tell the day's story.

In our group, shown here at the start finish line, was my daughter, Krissy, Tim's girlfriend, Roxy, with her dog Molly and Roxy's son, Lance, with Tim's dog, Rio.

Below is another one of those mugs that you just have to love. Right? And she loved posing.

And then there was this guy who must surely be asking, "Which way do we go?" Is that six dogs? I didn't actually see him moving along with this pack, but he seems to have it under control.
As we strolled around the famous 2 1/2 mile oval, banking in the turns, and watching not to step in some occasional piles, it was a friendly crowd. The dogs decided when they wanted to stop for a drink, a short rest, or to make a new friend. Here, Rio seems to have found the largest dog on the coarse as a new buddy.

The little pony was very popular, as you can imagine. Take a look a her shoes and hat!

As we came into the pits, we decided to take a seat on the wall to watch the sites. Krissy catches a few shots of the parade of creatures with her cell phone while the rest of the crew relaxes.


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