Saturday, April 19, 2008

Surfing on the Road

It's springtime in the Midwest. This means our travels today include rain and clouds, but also blossoming fruit trees and bright yellow dandelions everywhere. Oh well, we won't melt and Ferd is comfy. I have a great chauffeur and our Verizon aircard is working super, so I'm "surfing away" on the Internet. Here's a very useful site if you ever need help with converting distance, volume, temperature, etc. It's Science Made Simple:

On another miscellaneous Internet topic: Lately we've received a few comments on our blog from unknown senders that appear to be trying to lead us to questionable sites. We are not biting, but also I've changed our setting so that now we will approve a comment before it posts. Let's try it out. Anybody out there want to comment on anything ?!!

Well there are signs on I70 indicating destinations such as Greencastle, Indianapolis, Terre Haute and Evansville. The Indiana license plates have multiplied tenfold in the last 15 minutes. We'll be pulling into our spot at
Tim Hurley's soon and greeting friends and family. Those are good things.


  1. Hi, Hurley Girley. I noticed that you had a comment that was leading people off off your web page. I am glad you found it. Jan and I wish you safe travels. We hope to see you down the road again soon.
    Chuck and Jan Moore

  2. we are glad everything went ok
    we are going to try out the city park in Pratt,ks on Sunday

  3. That's what we decided to do and we haven't had any anonymous comments from anyone. Just from those folks we know and like...:) Glad you made it back "home" and will be spending the summer with family and friends. We're still here in Blythe, waiting for the HOT weather to arrive, hope it doesn't show up until the END of May.

    Hugs, Sharon & Ron

  4. Hey guys, I'll let you test out your comment filtering. I enjoy keeping up with your travels. Patrick and I leave tomorrow for Moab and will miss you guys being there.

    - Will

  5. Hi from Nevada. This is my first post. I hope you are able to receive it.

    Have a wonderful time seeing friends and family again. We, your 4 wheeling friends will patiently wait until we can get together again.

    Happy Spring!!
    Rick & Jane


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