Saturday, December 1, 2007

More Arizona Trails and Friends

We are parked at one of our favorite spots out in the desert – Sidewinder Road, just over the California border, close to Yuma. We’ve come across three couples of Escapee “Boomer” friends so we have company for happy hours and morning walks and whatever anybody decides they want to do. The other evening we had a desert rainstorm while we were all gathered in Mary and Elaine's rig to swap the latest rving tales and do a little wine tasting. We were surprised the deluge just kept on and kept on. But the longer we waited for it to stop the more clever and interesting became our stories. And we were able to give more thought to our opinions on the best bottle of Two Buck Chuck or Two Dollar Wally or Trader Joe's Valdegay. Well we finally decided we all needed to go home to our own rigs even if we got soaked. After all, it wasn't far to go. So wee headed out into the pitch black to try to find our rvs, splashing through the streams that had developed along our desert walkways. We got back to discover that the drivers side window was wide open. Oh well, Ferd's dash is nice and clean now.

But wait, what about last week's 4wheeling?!.....Our week at the Family Motor Coach Assn. 4wheelers rally in Yuma was a blast. There were five days of great trails and a plentiful Thanksgiving feast with 60 plus friendly people from various places in the U. S. and Canada. Living in motorhomes parked in the county fairgrounds didn't detract at all from the culinary delights that were prepared for our Thanksgiving feast. After sampling all the traditional and some new creations -- the many styles of sweet potatoes and lucious desserts, along with violating our diet rules with our friend Jane's wonderful cheesy potatoes-- we ventured out for two more days of wheelin. On Friday a group of us conquered the trail called HarRon Pass and Saturday we took on one called Tuff’s Trail, the one that may turn out to be our favorite of this rally.

There were several challenging "water falls" to climb and steep inclines to give you thrills. Here's a view going up and coming back down one of those. It appears you'll drop off as you reach the top.

The play areas were abundant on both of our last two trails and we had only one breakdown out of nine rigs on Friday and 16 rigs on Saturday.

These guys are really prepared for abusing your machine. They had the knowledge and the tools to make a temporary fix of the universal joint to get them off the trail.

There were lots of challenging rocks to climb, steep hills to maneuver, beautiful views and interesting folks to watch and discuss the day’s escapade with.

You see here a few of the photos from the week's trails. If you would like to see other shots from the rally, come back a little later to the link in the right column marked "4wheeling Nov 2007" The internet upload speed is slow right now so it will take a little while to get them up there. Enjoy!!

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  1. That hill that one Jeep is going over? It looks like they are going to roll sideways right off the hill, never mind going off the top of the it! We're glad you had such a good time, we hope to make it one of these years! It looks like fun!

    Hugs, Sharon & Ron


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