Friday, November 23, 2007

4Wheeling in Yuma

On Tuesday we joined 60 other rvers at the Yuma County Fairgrounds for a 4wheeling rally. We had just survived some transmission repairs without as much monetary damage as we were afraid we might have so it was especially nice to be joining the 4wheeling group for a few days of fun.It was really good to get back to climbing rocks and enjoying the southwest scenery. This is sure a nice way to take in the mountains and valleys.

Today's trail had many challengng spots and everyone enjoyed inching, tipping, squeeking through and climbing them all. The trail we were on today is called HarRon Pass, named after the two guys in this club that actually laid out the path up these big rocks and over the pass. It is rated a 4.0 out of 5.0. There were several places that took some real maneuvering. In fact we got our first trail injury in terms of a few scratches on the right rear corner of the Jeep. One of those nasty rocks actually jumped up and got us! But we survived for another day of wheelin.

Here are a few of the scenes from today's escapade.


  1. out site you arre have a great time I wouldn't walk that trail

  2. I didn't even know trails like that existed in the Yuma area!! How does Jerry's back feel now that you have gotten back to rock climbing? One of these years, when we get the bus done, we'll have to come and join the group! Hope to see you around Lake Mittry at Christmas!

    Hugs, Sharon & Ron

  3. Hey guys, I'm so jealous! Visited my jeep down in Boise last month and it was still fine after its first 6 months in hibernation. Hopefully it will be just as ready when it gets dusted off next spring.

    I enjoy tracking your travels.

    - Will

  4. Geez..... are you sure you were
    even near Yuma! Stupendous photos!
    But a bit too scary for me (Jeanne). Prefer to live those heart rendering moments vicariously.


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