Sunday, December 9, 2007

Staying Put For A While

It's undecided how long we will be staying here at our spot on Sidewinder Road, near Yuma. The surroundings and the friends are great, so why not just enjoy it for a while. Elaine and Mary and Bob and Nancy have been such great companions for the past week. Here's a shot of the group at one of our fires on a night when we had the most spectacular color show in the skies-360 degrees of bright blues and flourescent oranges.
Each morning we all take off for a walk, some of us go 4 or 5 miles and the others maybe 2 or 3 miles. That gives us some excuses to enjoy the fabulous food we've all been sampling, for instance, Elaine and Mary's turkey and crustless pumpkin pie, Nancy's homemade cranberry bread and cornbread and Jerry's special vegetable "stoup".

The other day Jerry and I made a trip to the town of Algodones in Mexico, about 20 miles away. All of us snowbirds go there for the great buys on optical and dental services, medicine, liquor, and to see what kind of treasures we can find in this marketplace designed especially for us Americans. We were after a few of our medications and some fantastic, really smooth, tequila that we had tasted -- and for only $16 a liter. The limits are one liter each of liquor and 90 days of drugs. When we were in line with all the other daily American inhabitants of this little town to get back over the border we encountered a couple of Americans that were turned back by the border guards. They told us that they had four pair of sunglasses and only two pair were allowed so they were going back to return two pair. This was a real surprise to all of us in line. I guess they were planning to start a sunglass distributorship, huh?!


  1. awwww.
    its so pretty. =]

    love & miss you both!

    thanks for the cowboy santa and the CD!

    -caroline & ben

  2. Merry Christmas! Say Hello to the Boomers at Sidewinder.


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