Friday, October 12, 2012

Thai Food - My First

Tonight was fun and tasty! Hubby and I had our first Thai food.  Wow! I’m sure we’ll have more.Thai dishes at Sawasdee Thai Restaurant, Indy.

Krissy suggested the Sawasdee Thai Restaurant (86th and Ditch Rd., Indy), since she knows we’ve been into more spicy tastes lately.  Also, the place is one of her favorites.  So, why not Thai? 

We decided to share three different types of dishes. Don’t know the Nancy and Krissy at Thai Restaurant, Indynames for sure.  One was Tilapia with triple sauce (mild).  One was a curry dish with beef (medium heat).  One was pork Padd Thai, traditional noodle dish (medium heat).  We enjoyed everything.  In fact, we agreed that the medium temperature was just right for us.  The mild Tilapia was really nice, yummy sauce and crispy fish, but we could have ordered it medium, too.

Even the Thai beer pleased us all.  I guess we were a happy crew!

Now we’ll have to find some Thai places as we travel. Ferd is getting spruced up and ready.  We’ll be moving down the road soon.

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