Monday, October 8, 2012

Our Little Celebration, State-Park Style

We were trying to come up with a different way to celebrate our 12th wedding anniversary on Sept 30….something low-key, take-it-easy, not a big deal.  You know what I mean.  Well anyway,Nancy and Jerry, 12th Wedding Anniversary we both like reminiscing. Really.  And we enjoy parks.  So, we chose to to take a short ride to McCormick’s Creek State Park, 60 miles from Indy. It’s a beautiful spot in southern Indiana that we both have fond memories of from childhood. Besides, we hadn’t been there together. 

The preparations were quick, a bottle of wine and plastic cups, a couple of old towels in case it was wet, camera and cell phones. Before we knew it we were in Spencer.

Couldn’t have Nancy Hurley at McCormick's Creek State Pk., Indianaasked for a nicer setting. The leaves are just barely starting to turn  and the day was sunny and 60s.  We visited the horses grazing at the stable, walked to the falls and had a leisurely tour of the rest of the park.  The caves are closed due to a threat to a certain bat.  So, Jerry’s trip down memory lane was a little curtailed. But we explored a little until we found the group camping Remembering those old where my girl scout troop spent our summer trips.   I slept in one of the bunks inside this same building ages ago. The campsite was unoccupied and private so we enjoyed our wine on one of the picnic tables around the fire pit where we girls used to tell stories and roast marshmallows. Seems like yesterday. Winking smile

Our dinner at the Canyon Inn wasn’t outstanding.  But that was okay since we had already had a super day.

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