Tuesday, May 15, 2012

May is Here, Life’s In Gear

It’s flying again!  The minutes and days and weeks, that is.  How could it be mid May? Oh well, if our lives didn’t seem to slip away without notice then we’d be bored, right?

Since my last post, about four weeks ago, the outside of our condo has been painted (by others), the shrubs trimmed, flowers and herbs planted (herbs at Krissy’s that is), we’ve had a birthday and Mother’s day.   Well, I guess that’s the end of this post.  Oh yeah, how about building a website, a blog, writing articles, travel to a genealogy conference, doing family research, keeping up on our rving friends’ blogs, lunch with my sister where she volunteers and evening walks through the neighborhood - and more of Jerry continuing his study of the Netflix universe. Now that may be a better summary.

I’ve decided for this post to keep the words to a minimum and tell the story with a few photos.  I’ll try anyway. So here goes:

Tim and Jerry talking over the great repairs.Tim and Jerry reviewing the Jeep repairs.  We are so happy.  Thanks again, Tim.

Taking the repairs, Jeep and Jerry both, at the right pace.



Here’s Jerry getting back to his old self.  The collar is pretty much discarded now.  He’s moving along, although not as fast as he would like.  Not sure of our travels yet. But we have Ferd stored safely and could be ready to go.



Jamie Ben Apr 2012


This one was too good not to share.  Jamie and Ben on a sunny day on the patio.  What a super Aunt and Nephew!



Krissy's birthday, 2012, Flashback Card


Jerry and Krissy and I had a nice time celebrating  Krissy’s birthday at her favorite Greek restaurant.  Seems like yesterday when I took that photo that I found to make her card….Smile



Krissy's herb garden.


Then, for the rest of her day we planted Krissy’s herb garden and flowers.  Emma was also helping.




Mother's Day 2012


Mother’s Day lunch at Krissy’s was superb.  She made us champagne citrus cocktails, with scrumptious halibut and snap pea salad, topped off with her homemade lemon cake.

I also have a beautiful Mother’s Day begonia from Jenny!  It sets off our front porch perfectly.

How’d I do with the shorter version of the photo post?  I guess I could use some more practice on limiting my words. Next time.

Thanks for reading Hurley Travels.  Stay safe and healthy. 

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  1. Family time is the greatest. Tell them you Love them and give them a hug from us.
    Chuck and Jan


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