Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Extraordinary People on an Extraordinary Trip

We think we know what we would do in an emergency or when it came time to be brave….or not.  Do we really know?  Do you think the crew on the Titanic had any idea?  Titanic-Infographic 1

We watched the PBS movie tonight portraying the story once again of the sinking of the Titanic.  I guess I didn’t really absorb some points or details in the past.  I didn’t realize just how heroic the crew were who stayed in the bowels of the ship to keep the power running so that there were lights.  They stated that this action is thought to have saved perhaps 100 lives.  The lights were still glowing until the ship went down, allowing more people to find their way out of the massive passageways to a life boat, or maybe to just jump into the icy water.  This portrayal depicted the captain giving the choice to the crew whether they stayed below to keep the coal fires burning, and some of them did. 

I’ve heard that the architect of the ship survived by getting on a life boat at the last minute, even though some people were still on the ship.  Would you have done that in his position?   They interviewed a descendant of his who explained that the man said afterwards that no one else would have taken that last seat on that life boat as it was already loaded and ready to leave.  So, he got on.  He was hated for the rest of his life for surviving.  Wow! What a thing to live with.  What would you have done?

Makes you think!

I found this graphic on that has some very interesting stats and stories of some of the people who did and didn’t live through what was to be the most exciting voyage of their lifetimes. (Hope it posts so that you can read it.  Otherwise, it’s clearly readable at if you want to go there. )  The tragedy and unbelievable nature of the sinking of the Titanic keeps the story from fading after 100 years.   

Have you had any close calls on a cruise of any kind? I remember a leak in our sailboat in Tampa Bay once many years ago.  It wasn’t too much fun.  But just imagine the water rushing into this 46,000 ton ocean liner.   And then you decide you will stay at the coal furnaces to keep the lights on!  There were some extraordinary people on board.

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  1. As usual, a great and interesting story about the people who survived and died on the Titanic.


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