Wednesday, March 28, 2012

How Is It With The Hurleys?

It’s fair to say we have been preoccupied somewhat.  But, after a couple of months of wanderings away from Hurleytravels, I’m on my blogging path again. 

The winter in Indianapolis has been unbelievably mild, including several days in March with temps in the 80s. We can’t remember any year in our lives with a winter this mild.  Although, other areas of the country have had record snow, good ole Indianapolis was spared.  Some are attributing the nice weather here to us being back after seven winters on the road.  I guess we’ll take the credit. 

Just because I can, I’m looking back a few months to an event Jerry and Tim went 4wheeling and here's the result.that had a lot to do with where we’ve been situated lately. Many reading this already have at least some knowledge of Jerry’s “Arkansas 4wheeling Occurrence.”  But for the record, here he is in the immediately-after-being-extracted-from-Ole-Yeller stunned phase of his roll into the ravine.  You can see the gash on his head that soon had seven stitches.  Well, that impact resulted in a torn rotator cuff and three herniated discs.  That’s the short story.  We won’t go into the months of PT, MRIs and doctor evaluations until his spinal surgery on March 19.  But, now he is recuperating in his recliner with a ‘very stylish’ collar.  I’ll spare you those photos.

Needless to say, having our condo was convenient and comfortable during this period of time.  We’ve missed Ferd, but thanks to a good friend he has an out-of-the-weather home for now. We plan to continue travels when things work out.

And that brings me to another preoccupation, my part-time, remote employment.  As I was visiting with old friends last Fall they mentioned the possibility of some interesting assignments that could fit into Jerry and Nancy Hurley's 'play room' at the Cape Cod condo in lifestyle on-the-road.  I decided to try it out.  Fast forwarding, I’ve been working mostly from home with the Indiana Continuing Legal Education Forum  for the past six months and enjoying the challenge.  Since my background gave me the familiarity with the organization, I was able to jump right into some online writing, interviews and other communications activities. Our new ‘play room’ in the condo with computers and other toys worked out well for me. And, the plan is that I will use technology to get the job done as we travel.  I have to say this was a completely unexpected turn in the road that brought pleasant results.  Don’t know how long the road will be, but I’ll just wait to see where it winds. 

As we have dealt withSmokehouse Restaurant located in the Fountain Square Theatre building in Indianapolis. the bumps and the surprises, family and friends are right there to offer encouragement and activities – my birthday included.  First, Tim and Jamie had a surprise cake one night at their house.  Then…last week, before Jerry’s trip to the hospital, Krissy wanted a day to celebrate with us.  Soooo, Jerry insisted on driving me and Krissy downtown to Fountain Square for  lunch in the restored area of this quaint old neighborhood.   You see, this was one item on my to-do list.

We weren’t sure how Jerry would feel, but he did fine.  We all enjoyed the barbeque, baked beans and beer at the Smokehouse, surrounded by the 50s diner atmosphere.  After lunch we had to check out the duck pin bowling alley in the basement that was totally occupied with people having a great bowling afternoon. Then Krissy and I exploredFountain Square Theatre, with Smokehouse restaurant and the restored a fabulous vintage shop called Harloh’s. Jerry waited patiently out in the sunshine while we tried on the flashback hats and coats and browsed the old dresses.  This is one of those comeback sections of the city where the less-than-nice homes are mixed with renovated ones, the old G. C. Murphy’s Dime Store is an artists’ haven and Nancy at Harloh's Vintage Shop in Fountain Square, Indpls.restaurants are popping up along the avenue where my mom and her siblings shopped and went to the movies in the 1930s and 40s.  By the time we finished our brief travels around town, all of us were ready for the scrumptious birthday cake with blood orange citrus filling that Krissy prepared.  Yummy!  Oh yeah, Krissy’s present to me was a stylish iPad carrying bag that has already had a couple of convenient uses. My birthday excursion totally met my expectations.

I can’t begin to cover what all could be said about the last few months’ events.  I’m sure there will have to be follow-ups for what I’ve forgotten.  But I have to mention Ole Yeller’s plight and the rescuer that we have.  Tim has been working so hard to repair our Jeep. We are thoroughly spoiled to have all his help.  Wait till you see it!  (More later.)

That’s the short version of our “travels in life.”  Hope all is well for you. Thanks for visiting us at Hurley Travels again! 

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  1. Nancy, Loved reading your Blog. So very glad that you are back to writing again. Sure hope Jerry is behaving himself and healing well. Glad that the winter weather in Indiana has treated you well this year. Hugs, Jan & Chuck


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