Friday, August 19, 2011

Sisters Day

Recently my sisters, Martha (“Marti”) and Linda (“Lin”), and I had our own Sisters Day.  Put together a birthday lunch and the Indiana State Fair with two sisters.  Voila!…Sisters Day. 

We started with a cLin celebrates her birthday.elebration of our sister, Lin’s, 59th birthday.   She is still employed Sad smile, and couldn’t get the day off, or it would have been a threesome day at the Fair.  Regardless, we found ways to make the day work out. Marti, Lin, my niece, Nikki, and I met for lunch at Red Lobster.  Meeting for lunch at this restaurant has become somewhat of a tradition since it’s located across the street from Lin and Nikki’s office and convenient for me and Marti.  In fact, Lin is recognized by the wait staff as soon as she walks in the door.  I suspect she makes quite a few other visits with folks other than her sisters. Let me say there could be parts of her personality that are memorable. Smile Our waiter, Travis, even surprised her with a bowl of whipped cream drizzled with strawberry syrup and topped with a candle.  Yes, whipped cream!  (They were out of ice cream and cake.)  Seems to work….she sure enjoyed it.

After lunch, Marti and I headed over to the State Fair.  We realized that day we had never Marti enjoying a visit with a calf at the Indiana State Fair.been to the fair together.  Unbelievable, but true.  Well, we made up for it.  Some of our stops, for instance, were in the coliseum for the hunt seat competition, the Purdue soybean exhibit, and the displays of ribbon-winning crafts, such as crocheting, knitting, jewelry, photography and quilts. That’s just mentioning a few.  We saw our share of cows, donkeys, mules, and horses.  We enjoyed the tremendous lego creations that reproduced the Indianapolis 500 and Lucas Oil Stadium and paused a few minutes along our route for the parade of Clydesdales. Oh yes, don’t want to leave out the “German Experience.”  This is a display created for this specific fair covering the German heritage in Indiana.  Since we are through-and-through of German descent, this was particularly interesting for us. We also got our exercise walking throMarti and Nancy enjoyed ugh the vendors and the tunnel under the infield of the race track over to the Pioneer Village to watch blacksmith and spinning demonstrations.  The workout was a good thing because we listened to music while we ate a delicious, humongous bowl of hand-dipped ice cream.

Eight hours from the time we roamed through the front gate with no real idea of the specific stops we would make, we shuffled by the corn dogs and ears of corn to find our car.  We did decide to forego the fried green beans until another day.  But, we still felt we had a healthy serving of Indiana, at the best state fair, that is.

All in all, I’ve concluded Sisters Days are good for any sisters to have.

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