Wednesday, August 31, 2011

A Good Day, The Weber-Kuhn Reunion

Seeing faces that bring back memories.  Gathering hugs and smiles from cousins, aunts and uncles.  Recalling childhood  activities. Reminiscing while sorting through old photos.   Catching up on children, grandchildren and great grands.  Restoring family ties. Remembering those who are gone.  All of these things were wrapped into one day last Saturday at the Weber-Kuhn Reunion, a gathering of my maternal family (Nancy).

It’s been quite a while since this family held a reunion. In fact, no one is sure about that date. Some of us are better than others at staying in touch.  Of course, family funerals can be a form of a reunion. But, not really.  So, a few of the Weber clan decided it was about time that we see who would be interested in a casual family gathering to catch up on life.  We weren’t certain how it would go, but we would try.

The answer came quick. Just a few minutes from the time that the first family members strolled in it was obvious that the planning committee had no worry about the day’s success. The conversations spread quickly. Cameras captured new family photos everywhere. The precious three-week-old, little girl received cuddles.  Historical photos and stories occupied many curious cousins.  Bidding on the silent auction items was furious. Corn hole had several energetic participants. Quilt squares were created with care for a family history quilt.  All in all, the Webers had a great day sharing laughs, memories and delicious food, too. 

As I mentioned, one of the popular activities at last Saturday’s event was looking through old photos. Coincidentally, a couple of my photos snapped at the reunion matched up perfectly with those of days gone by. Naturally, these were the photos that had to make it to the blog.

First, below are my cousins Marilyn and Bill…..along with their photo from a few years ago. Wow, don’t we age well!

IMG_0095Marilyn and Bill Niehaus.

Then, here I am with my cousins Mary Anne and Rosie in about 1956.  Fast forward to last Saturday and I have a photo with each of them, plus their brother, Jim.  Good memories all around.

1957 Stull and Niehaus cousins2011 Weber-Kuhn Reunion2011 Weber Reunion, Cousins

Of course, the basis of all families are those who led the way, fos2011 Weber-Kuhn Reunion, August 27.tered those earlier gatherings and continue to spread the love. Two of our family’s leading ladies are Peg Stull and Ruth Weber. Here are those two special aunts sharing a few moments at the reunion. They are super people.


To close this post, I believe I should give a salute to the six Weber siblings who brought us all together in the beginning.

 Weber Children 1937They are in the photo below in front of the home where they all grew up at 2160 Singleton Street, Indianapolis: Bob, Gin, Rose, Dolly, Harry (Ruth’s husband),   and Peg (above).  Fortunately, our family reunion also included Uncle Mel, Dolly’s husband, and Aunt Emma,  Bob’s wife. They all brought strength to this family.  Sure was nice to have everybody together for the day and to remember those passed who helped make  us who we are.

We’ll gather again next summer and hope to have many more good days like this one.

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  1. Wow, Nancy! That sounds like so much fun. Glad you had a great time with your family. Hugs, J&C


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