Sunday, December 19, 2010

Time to Melt Our Icicles

Brrrrrrr.  These beautiful icicles formed all the way around the motorhome.  It took about two days and 700 miles to melt them.Bring on the above-freezing temperatures!  We are heading south now, leaving the ice and snow behind.  When the snow began piling up and icicles forming all around  Ferd in early December, we really thought it would warm up a little and melt.  But that didn’t happen this time.  Those temperatures in the teens kept us busy trying to keep things unfrozen.  So, we had some early Christmas celebrations and made plans to make our exit when the snowstorms took a break.  We are now seeking out the sixties south of Indiana. 





Indianapolis weather this December is uncharacteristically cold.  Having this much snow that lasts before Christmas is very surprising.

This time, departing was more of an adventure than usual. Tim helped Jerry unthaw the locks on our bay doors and on the hitch so that we could store everything and hookup the Jeep.  Jamie sent us off with fresh Christmas cookies.  Thanks so much kids for the “warm” sendoff.  We don’t even have a definite destination, but so far Florida is looking good.

Stay safe.  See you down the road.

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