Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Creative Christmas Crew

This  time of year brings out the imaginative and creative side of some of us. Official 2010 Christmas Box stamp. I (Nancy) have the pleasure of a close relationship with one Creative Christmas Crew.  For the last five years my daughter, Krissy, and her two good friends, Lisa and Darrell, have created a Christmas box  for family and friends filled with their homemade baked, pickled and/or roasted treats.  The boxes themselves are painted, decorated, stamped or wrapped with a different festive theme annually.  (The photo to the right is the stamp Krissy designed this year.) The crew begins the planning early to select the right combination of six or seven recipes; some repeats, some new ones each time.  Speaking as a recipient, the final product is fantastic.  

The other day I stopped by while the trio had their first cooking and painting session for this year’s Christmas creation.  We are usually traveling in warmer climates Bacon jam is smokey, spicey flavors with a just right sweetness.  Mmmm, mmmm, the time they get into their actual production stages. So this was especially fun for me. It turns out that these sessions are a celebration of their own. We had a spread of delicious  munchies and libations to keep up our strength during the process. While the kids baked  cookies, shortbread and spiced nuts, I helped consume the Beaujolais and bacon jam, Darrell’s latest recipe.  Trust me! Bacon jam is really tasty on a cracker with brie.  Also, Krissy recreated some “spicy feta” that we all love Lisa and Krissy give some helpful criticism for Darrell's a local Greek restaurant.  In fact, I think her’s was a little better.  Lo and behold,  I had discovered the party going on in these afternoon “work”  sessions. 

Being in the middle of this was a treat for me. First, I had the fortunate job of supervising and sampling.  And… I had a front row seat as three of my favorite people enjoyed creating their gifts. I’m glad I could be a part of the celebration.  Thanks kids, for letting me share.

Stay safe and healthy. Talk to you later.

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