Saturday, March 6, 2010

Life Goes On

We go through events or phases in our lives that cause us to slow down and think about what's really important.  Sometimes the down time is longer or more intensive than others.  But we always know that "Life Goes On" -  eventually.  That's where I've been for the past month.  I traveled by airplane from Arizona to Indiana to spend a little time with my cancer-stricken brother, thinking that now was a better time to see him than later in the progression.  Then it happened.  Sadly, but also mercifully, five days after I arrived he was gone. 
Don was a good guy.  He will be missed.  He reminds us of the value of our relationships and the influence we each have on others.  But he would not expect much else from us but to remember him.  And he would definitely say - "Life Goes On."
So, here we are.  Back to our everyday life.  Getting ready for the next stop on our winter travels.  For the next few days, we'll rest, catch up with each other and make plans.  Then we're heading down the road again.  First stop is at the Cummins repair facility near Phoenix.  Hopefully,  they'll diagnose the origin of the black soot on Ferd's rear.  We haven't planned very much further than enjoying the warm climate of the southwest a while. We do know this much. There are a few friends in the area that we hope to see.   And there will be time just smelling the roses, so to speak.  We are fortunate. We are reminded of how much we appreciate the people that pass through our lives.  Life Goes On.

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