Friday, January 29, 2010

Who Is Our Family Anyway? Remember them all.

It's been a while since I've commented here on our travels. Where are we? You might say there is a "genealogy fog" in this Hurley household. What? Well, we came to Tempe, AZ, to attend a genealogy conference -- just for fun! Yes, it is a lot of fun to us. A few reading this will understand that comment. And some won't. I went to the sessions over at the Mesa Convention Center and came home with new software and all kinds of information to share. That is where we've been for about the last ten days. As I said -- a genealogy fog. We're in a good spot for being "in a fog" though. Our little slot here at the Tempe Elks Lodge, off highway 60 or I-10, is a reasonably-priced, full-hookup, off-the-major-roads, safe location. So.... we are situated and satisfied..... for now anyway.

Where are we going lately? We've traveled to lands such as, Google Earth, Footnote, Ancestry and iGoogle. We've visited Berlin, Bavaria, Baltimore and Batesville. Many don't understand how we can spend hours, or even days, in these pursuits. A few get it. But regardless, it's been another very interesting and exciting journey. We've delved deeper into iGoogle for searching conveniences and identified homeplaces on Google Earth and Rumsey Map Collection. As far as the family history (or genealogy) factors, our new software, RootsMagic4, has opened many new doors to explore. We won't go there. Suffice it to say, we're having fun nosing around and digging up more clues to our own history.

But, there are the current events in our life that come into play also. We are glad to have ways of staying up with friends and family by cell phone, on Facebook or email and, of course, on their blogs. We're making our history every day, right? One of these recent events played a distinct chord in the memories file. I thought I'd talk about it.

Some of you reading this know Laurie and Odel and read the wonderful blog that Laurie does about their rv life. Those people also know that Luna, their beloved cat, went to feline heaven the other day. We all send our good thoughts out to Laurie and Odel, knowing how much our animals play a part in our families. There will always be those great memories of the travels Luna made with them. And we hope there's a place where Luna is now sharing animal stories with all of our own departed four-legged family members. If you haven't seen the tribute to Luna, you should go there: It's a special piece.

The coincidence of these family history thoughts and remembrances of loved animals, moved me to yet another place in my mind. Why don't we include animals in our family histories? Shouldn't they be adopted family members? Luna is definitely an integral part of her family's story. For instance, Steve was a cherished member of my family for fourteen years. He even embraced a tiny kitten who joined our family. He was loved by many. It's nice to save his memory. Jerry has many fond memories of Chappy and of Mariah, a mutt and a pure-bred Doberman; both contributed greatly to his life. Krissy and I laugh about Harriet and Speedy Gonzales, the Guinea pigs, who squeaked loudly whenever we opened the refrigerator door.

Thanks, Laurie and Odel, for making me think again of our four-legged family history and for sharing Luna. I'll be including all the members in my family history.


  1. Nancy, thanks so much for your mention of Luna. Though she has always been a part of our travels, I don't think I fully realized how she lit our lives until she was gone. I find myself not much looking forward to going home after a trip away, knowing she won't be awaiting us at the door, ready for some outdoor exploration, a meal, and then a nice long cuddle and meaningful gazing.

    Yes, our animal companions are "family", and the memories formed during their lives deserve a place in the family chronicles. Luna is much missed, and will live in our hearts forever.

    Safe travels,

  2. Hi Jerry and Nancy,
    So glad to hear your are enjoying iGoogle and Google Earth! Happy Genealogical Travels, Lisa Louise Cooke www.GenealogyGems.TV

  3. Nancy--
    I don't think we are related, as I don't know of any of my Hurley relatives living in your area, but it's great to find another Hurley doing genealogy research. You can download my family tree at and see if there are any matches. I'm also on with the user name valeur0209 and the Hurley-Valeur Family Tree.

    Keep up the good work. By the way, I am always tempted to put my dog as my child on my family tree. Ha ha.

    --Jill Hurley
    Burlington County, New Jersey, USA


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