Sunday, November 1, 2009

At the Shore in Alabama

Continuing south toward warmer temps, we are now stopped for a while in Summerdale, Alabama, about 20 miles north of Gulf Shores.   It's been raining off and on but we are enjoying our stay here at the Escapees Park, Rainbow Plantation.  On previous travels through here we've only stayed a day or two. So this time we've decided to pause a little longer and look around.
After a couple of days of life's chores, shopping and laundry and cleaning, we decided it was time to set out on one of our exploration days.  It was a warm day and the rain drops ceased, so what better than to head for the beach.

We ended up at Gulf Shores, Alabama, a short ride south past Foley, down highway 59.  This could be any typical beach town, shops filled with all the necessities for enjoying a vacation on the sand and restaurants with Jimmy Buffet music and smiling wait staff on the patios.  Late October isn't the heighth of the season here, so it was easy to park and the beach was only scattered with a few patrons. 

How perfect for us. It was around 80 degrees with a good combination of sun and breeze. The surf was definitely up as the wind was sending waves crashing ashore. Local surfers arrived after school to catch the waves.   It was nice to walk a little in the sand, listen  and watch the ocean. 


  1. we are headed that way south. we are headed to fla on 17 my stay at the park we met u guys
    haVE FUN

  2. Boy are we jealous! Monday we start working at 5am, 11 hr shifts at Amazon.


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