Saturday, October 24, 2009

A Few Days In Alabama

The other day, while plotting our next route, we found on the Internet the "largest state-operated the entire continental United States." Turns out Wind Creek State Park was 250 miles southwest of our current location. Sounded like we should be on the road to southern Alabama.

It was a nice day's trip. The park sits on Lake Martin just south of Alexander City, Alabama on Highway 128. We pulled into the park on Friday afternoon. That could be bad timing in terms of finding a  decent site. As we all know, many folks get to the popular parks Thursday afternoon to pick a good location for their weekend getaway. Oh no, that's probably never a concern at Wind Creek. There really are 640 campsites spread over 320 acres on the shores of a 40,000 acre fishing lake. We have a nice lakeside spot, our Verizon signal is strong and there's a clear shot for the TV satellite dish. With premium site charge ($3.00) offset by the senior discount we are paying $19. Not too bad.

But, speaking of weekenders, the park is having a Fall Festival and many of the residents are participating wholeheartedly.

In addition to a full day of games for the kids, there's a campsite decorating contest, trick or treating and a costume contest. Today we took some time to just look at the handiwork of the people of the campground. Interspersed with the Auburn, LSU and Alabama University paraphenalia are many imaginative Halloween creations.

We've posted a few photos that give a flavor of the happenings. Our choice for winners of the costume contest were the four-legged friends at the top of this post.
Oh yeah, also, while looking through the marina store offering gourmet prepackaged burgers and YooHoo for the ultimate fishing trip, we came across an assortment of Moon Pies.

Well, it wouldn't do but that we indulge.  Diet tomorrow.  After all, our friends Mary and Elaine had just written on their blog about their experience with Moon Pies in the Carolinas.
Why not us?   We chose vanilla and chocolate.  No banana for us, yuk.  They say you must have RC Cola with Moon Pies, but that wasn't available.  So, we went straight home to get some kind of liquid to "compliment" our treats..and dug right in. Well, our votes are that these aren't worth clogging the good ole arteries.  Go for some Hagen Daaz or a Snickers.

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  1. Yes, we agree that we will "spend" our calories on something other than Moon Pies! Save those calories for Tequila! The place you are staying sounds nice and we hope you have a great time there. We miss you.
    Hugs, Mary & Elaine (currently driving south on I-75 towards Punta Gorda to see Nancy & Bob)


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