Monday, March 9, 2009

Regrouping and Relaxing

After leaving Las Vegas we turned our eyes toward an old favorite spot where we could relax and regroup. It sounded like the thing to do since we had several options in mind for our next destination and hadn't made a final decision. We made our way south about 200 miles.

Here we are at the Midland Road BLM outside Blythe, California, a sparsely visited parking area. This little town has any of the necessary amenities, such as restaurants, groceries, laundry and even free water and dump. But mostly the reason for our stopping here is the peaceful scenery five miles out of town.

But what could we be doing there???? Well, let's see:
-staring at the mountain scenery and enjoying the desert flowers
-gazing at the sunsets
-soaking up the sun
-surfing the Internet
-catching up on cleaning
-solving amp meter issues
-watching movies
-trying recipes
-taking walks
-practicing jewelry-making (Nancy, that is)
-discussing our travel plans
-talking more about travel plans
- and, just drinking in the deafening silence of this place.

This was time we needed and enjoyed. We even practiced some of the recipes we gathered from friends during our volunteer episode in New Mexico. I cooked up a pot of Borracio Beans. And Jerry made some scrumptious Pico de Gallo. (Thanks George!! ) It was fantastic on our steaks and also on tacos the next day.

Now, after enough regrouping, we're ready to roll again. For a few days we are in Quartzsite, just 25 miles east. Since our amp meter went defunct, we decided to inquire at a local well-respected rv repair service, Discount Solar, about a new meter. Hopefully, that will be a quick fix here in Q.

As soon as we can after that repair, we'll begin moving eastward. We'll be traveling to Indiana first for some medical checkups. Then we begin what we are calling our "Historical Journey." The rest of 2009 we'll be visiting historical sites in the eastern part of the country. See you along the road.

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