Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Visiting in Vegas

What's new?? -- Visiting with family and friends, people watching to the max, eating at the world's best buffet and doing a little gambling too. We've had a great four days in Las Vegas. Our visit with Jenny and Tim (Jerry's handsome and beautiful children!) and their friends was a lot of fun. There was excitement at the slot machines, the craps tables, black jack and playing the horses. And we won't talk about those less successful ventures.

Oh, and I cannot fail to mention the wonderful day at the Caesar's Spa, compliments of Tim. My muscles and my toes are still thanking him. That place defines luxury. There are flavors of saunas and steam rooms and arctic rooms that I've never heard of. The Swedish massage was unbelievable. And then we topped it off with a pedicure, complete with champagne cocktails. Ooohlala!

For our rver friends, there are two Elks Lodges in the vicinity that we would recommend. The lodge in Henderson on E. Lake Mead Blvd and the lodge in Las Vegas on West Charleston Drive were both friendly and safe.

We were comfortable at the Charleston Drive location, about 15 minutes from “The Strip,” during the time that we met people at various spots around town. But a funny thing happened last Saturday morning. We awoke around 8:00 a.m to that low rumble of Harleys. How nice, we thought, some bikers are out on this sunny morning. Then we hear more and more motorcycles in the parking lot with us. Well, we think..... maybe a few folks are meeting here. But then the sounds increase all around us. We soon are surrounded by about 900 motorcycles. Our quiet parking spot has become the staging area for the Annual Bordelo Run, a fund raiser for athletes who have lost limbs. The group visits three bordelos on their way over to Pahrump, Nevada. They chose the Las Vegas Elks Lodge as their starting point and we happened to be parked smack dab in the center of it.

So we just sat back with a cup of coffee for the next two or three hours and enjoyed watching the parade of every type of rider and bike.

What could add to this scene? How about a pickup truck full of Girl Scout cookies and the scouts combing the lot for customers with a sweet tooth. Well this troop must have topped the sales for that day. Quite a few saddle bags were carrying Thin Mints when they pulled out for their run.

We said goodbye to everyone on Sunday morning. They flew back to jobs and cold temps. And it's our job to soak up the sun out here while we plot our next course.


  1. Laugh out loud funny!! You still are one of the best story tellers out there, Nancy. Great family pictures, too. Thanks for sharing. Hugs, C&J

  2. Just saying Hi and letting you know I still check in to read about your travels. Missed you by a month in Vegas, the wife and I were just down there in January. Take care.

    - Will
    Juneau, AK

  3. Las Vegas is our favorite. thanks for the ELK tips. I always wonder how are those in RV parking.


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