Sunday, February 3, 2008

From Q to Congress -

It's time to move along again. This interlude in Quartzsite was sprinkled with all types of encounters, with various people, places and things. My previous post went briefly into the characteristics of Q, so I won't go there. Suffice it to say, there are experiences in this piece of the southwest that aren't available elsewhere.

This has been our temporary home for about three weeks, situated on a piece of the desert with over 100 other rigs in what is called "Boomerville" -- We've had a great time with fellow RVers , sharing meals, advice on camping spots, solar and battery tips, happy hours, walks, fires, and on and on. . . . . . . . . During that time we also had a chance to participate in another FMCA 4Wheelers gathering. These folks are always fun, sharing their excitement and their expertise on the trails. Here's a peek at the Pumpkin Smasher trail. There are more photos and I promise to get them posted to the links at the right very soon.
On-the-road-again . . . . . A couple of days ago, we moved on up the highway from Quartzsite to Congress, Arizona, traveling approximately 100 miles northeast to the Escapees RV Park, North Ranch. It's a beautiful ride through mostly open desert and mountainous landscape, occasionally interrupted by tiny towns with names such as Hope, Wenden and Salome. These little communities seem to be populated mostly by the residents of the RV parks that are situated right along the highway. We're heading for a 4wheel rally north of Phoenix in a few days, but wanted to make a stop at North Ranch to see some special people. Here you can see the unique greeting we received from Jerry and Dee Thomas as we arrived to park on their lot. There is, of course, a story behind the signs. But we'll let you imagine your own version. It's been a nice visit with them, sharing our latest stories and the plans for the rest of the year. Thank you again, Dee and Jerry, for your wonderful hospitality and the good times.
Today was Superbowl Day and it's been raining here all day, but there's plenty of sunshine for Eli Manning and the NY Giants. Good job! If it couldn't be the Colts, then we are happy for the underdogs and, of course, Peyton's little brother.

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