Saturday, January 26, 2008

A Unique Place - Quartzsite, AZ

Our home for last week and this week is Quartzsite, Arizona, a very unique place. (About 100 miles west of Phoenix.) It is among the many Western towns that began with a few prospectors looking for gold and other precious metals. Actually, the precious minerals that abound here are rocks and gems. This is the home of the largest rock and gem show in the U. S. and it draws many rock hounds to the flea markets offering all the gems you can imagine. But in the last 40 years or so the desert areas surrounding this little crossroads town has developed into a temporary home for thousands of roamers with homes on wheels. They come for the warmth, the open space, the beautiful landscape, the unusual sites and to shop for the needs of the RV lifestyle. The regular population of Quartzsite is 1600 but it swells to over 2 million this time of year. The site of this valley during January and February is similar to viewing migrating birds in their wildlife sanctuaries. So anyway, this is our latest stop, enjoying the desert with our friends, visiting the huge RV show and exploring the 4wheeling trails. There's a lot to keep us busy. Sometimes it's an important discussion of rving life, such as, recommendations of fellow rvers on where to spend the next couple of months or the upcoming summer, or even next winter's stops. We've also just finished a week of great times with the FMCA 4wheelers and we will have some good stories to tell and photos to post as there's time for me to put them together.
Recently a friend here at "Boomerville," Ted, decided to make a short video for other Boomers who couldn't be here this year. Well it just so happened that the day he was filming was the day that the battery on our Jeep bit-the-dust!! Of course, this happened while Jerry was in town at the RV show. How embarrassing! But he called our generous friend, Rick Johnson, who so kindly came to the rescue, towing Jerry back to our parking spot and taking him to find a new battery. All this worked out just fine, but Ted's video documented the towing and it made it to U-Tube. I have included the link here if you want to take a look. You will see our motorhome a few times on the video, Nancy also appears and then there's "ole Yeller" being brought home!

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