Monday, November 5, 2007

Exploring Fredericksburg Area

Today was a gorgeous day and it was our day to explore some of the “Hill Country” surrounding Fredericksburg (Tx.). Why not make the first stop the Sister Creek Winery in Sisterdale, population 25. The trip would take us 25 miles through the rolling hills southeast of Fredericksburg. Turns out this little winery is in the 1882 Sisterdale Cotton Gin, a place showing evidence of it's age but still a great spot for producing some good wines. Since it was a Monday the tasters were scarce at the wineries. Nice for us. Sometimes we learn interesting facts just talking with locals and this was one of those times. The wine merchant mentioned that in the little town of Comfort, Texas, about 10 miles away, there stands the only monument to Civil War Union soldiers in the south.
Sounded like somewhere to go - just to see for ourselves. The monument honors a group of German immigrant settlers who because of their decidedly anti-slavery views were determined to join the Union army. They were on their way east when massacred at the Neuces River in Mexico by Confederate sympathizers who pursued them across the border. After the war a group of their friends and family brought their bones back to Comfort and erected this monument to them. Hence, here stands the only monument in the south to Union soldiers.

Comfort is a pleasant town that suffered the same fate as many whose railroad business dried up in the 1900s. But wait just a minute, now there are Bed & Breakfasts and antique stores and quaint cafes recovering some of the life of the old place. We enjoyed our few hours there reading about the historic sites and having lunch at Cathy's Hen House, near the Comfort Hatchery.

Traveling the countryside today we saw some beautiful scenery and a part of that is the ranches indicative to Texas. Most of them have an elaborate gate with a stone wall or towers marking the road onto the property. But this one seemed so imaginative, a fence of drift wood and a lovely tin vulture perched ready to take on anything weaker.

Gave us a chuckle.

Tomorrow we'll pull out of this area and find other places down the road to explore. See you later.

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