Saturday, November 10, 2007

Another Great Find

As we were meandering across west Texas, traveling the state highways through the communities as we like to do, we chose to stop in the little town of Andrews. What a hospitable place. Behind the Chamber of Commerce there are six parking places for RVs, complete with electric, water and sewer, all of them level and FREE. We noticed as we drove in some kind of display of flags and memorials. Of course curiousity pulled us to see what there was to see. We've happened across many veterans memorials in other small towns and admired them all. But this one was absolutely outstanding. The entire exhibit is done with so much class and reverance. It's a salute to courage and a thought-provoking history lesson. There is a marker for each conflict beginning with the Revolutionary War to Operation Enduring Freedom. Each has a quote from the President during that era and a collage photo depiction. On the back of the stone marker is a short historical outline of that war. In the circle around the flagpoles are memorials to all the veterans of the county. Here are a few photos. Thank you to any veteran who may be reading this message for defending this country. And also to all those who came before who we appreciate on November 11 and every day we live in a free country.

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