Monday, September 3, 2007

Labor Day Update

Hope everyone is enjoying the last big blast of the summer on this Labor Day Weekend. Jerry celebrated his 65th yesterday, not something he especially was thrilled to record.

Here he is a few years back. Could you tell what his future occupation might be??

It was a good day with good people and we are so thankful for all of them.
His wonderful grandaughter, Caroline, told him she couldn't believe he was 65 because he did so many things and acted much younger.

Aren't grandchildren wonderful!

What better to do for your birthday than reminisce about some of the old days and laugh at our newest stories. There was a lot of that going on. And, of course, we had a cookout with lots of great food, including delicious German potato salad that my daughter Krissy made especially for Jer's birthday.

We also had a great time last week attending the Mount Comfort Air Show, east of Indianapolis. Watching these dare devils twist, turn and dive in ways that tempts fate is a real thrill.

And there's really a special description deserved for the performance of the Blue Angels. The skill and power of it all is very exciting.
Wow! What a roar in the belly!

Some of us took in the many interesting aircraft exhibits. Here Jerry enjoyed touring with grandson Ben, daughter Jenny and friend Lance.

A highlight of the airshow was that we had a perfect vantage point at our friend Tim's hangar. He was a great host, serving up various grilled delicacies and liquid refreshment all day long. Here is Tim on the right, with old friends, Tim Hurley in the middle and Dave Shinn on the left. These guys have a lot of history and epitomize what the term "good friends" means!


  1. Awww, Jerry is such a cutie, way back when...

    Hugs, Sharon & Ron

  2. jerry well you are in the big number now. it Medicare time it looks like you had a great time
    Barry and Jan

  3. Great to see Jerry pass the big day (Birthday). Padraic is not much on his birthday too. We are glad to put the land purchase behind. We are exited but exhausted. We are heading east this winter to visit Willie's families in Florida and Texas. We will miss friends that are in the west this winter.

  4. I say we take a vote and make 65 the new middle age. You know there are more boomers than any other age group I think we have a chance. What do you think.
    George and Diana Ruelens

  5. Yep, Jerry is still cute. Belated
    BD greetings from Michigan!


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