Tuesday, September 11, 2007

9/11 A Day We Will Always Remember

Just a few thoughts on this day for remembrances: No matter where we were on this day six years ago, all Americans will always remember how we felt when the planes hit the towers, went into the Pentagon and went down in that field in Pennsylvania. There are many viewpoints about the resulting actions of our leaders, but I believe we do all agree that our lives changed that day directly due to the evil actions of these murderers. And, also, we will never forget those who perished. Our lives go on but their's were ceased unfairly. For Jerry and I Sept. 11 was a day we wished we could instantly travel thousands of miles to be near our family. We were traveling in Ireland. However, our experiences in that country are a lasting memory that we will always feel thankful for. The Irish people reached out to us to offer condolences and give us support. It was quite a week we spent before it was clear to fly back to the U.S. It was great to be back home. So I guess this brings me back around to being appreciative of the life we are living.

On another note, plans are underway for us to get back on the road in good ole Ferd soon. After Jerry's cousins reunion this week, we'll be rolling along to points south and west. The list of possible stops for the next six or eight months is getting longer, first Nacogdoches, Texas, the Hill Country in Texas, then maybe Tulsa or Bartlesville, OK, and who knows..... Roswell, Socorro, Ruidoso, NM.... Congress, Goodyear, Quartzsite, AZ.... Anze Borrego, CA.......Ely, Carson City, NV...... and places beyond. For now we are still enjoying our vantage point here in Fishers, Indiana. Today especially, it's an absolutely beautiful day, sunny and 70s.

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  1. in the reunion picture the second to th right looks just like well jerry is handsomer
    Barry and Jan


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