Thursday, May 10, 2007

More Moab Happenings

What a playground Moab is! It's fun to participate and, sometimes, as much fun to just watch. There are people enjoying the trails on all variations of transportation, bicycles, motorcycles, atvs, and 4wheel drive vehicles. Of course, there are also the sturdy people hoofing it and some on horseback as well. Many take a trip of their choice on the Colorado River. Just cruising through town you will see all variations of people and transportation.

Take a look at the Jeep (above) that we found when we were out and about. Two of our friends' children, Patrick and Tristin, were interested in the license plates from everywhere used to make up the body and the wrenches and other tools forming the tires.

The other morning as we were preparing to leave our campsite this fellow came riding by our motorhome with his inflatable friend onboard. We just had to snap a photo. He said she sparks lots of attention as he takes her along on his rides.

We've been on several trails this past week, including Golden Spike, Eagle's Dare, Kane Creek and Hell's Revenge. Golden Spike was another lengthy and challenging one.

This is a photo of one of the spectacular views as Jerry came up a steep incline. It was our last day of 4wheeling with our n2Jeepn group. They were great to be with again this year.

A few days before that we went on Kane Creek trail which runs through, around and above Kane Creek. The trail through the valley is fantastic and it winds up out of the valley by way of a narrow, sometimes rocky, ledge road that has exciting spots. As we approached the end of the trail we came to this steep obstacle.
Here is Jerry maneuvering up the rocky incline.

More photos of our crew on this trail will be posted soon in the Utah 2007 files. Stay tuned!

We've been offroading since Monday with the FMCA 4wheelers (Family Motor Coach Association), a gathering of friends in Moab. This is only our second opportunity to be with this group and the welcome we've received is great. It's a diverse group, all out to have some fun! On the trail here showing us how she can tackle this crevice is Judy, a 68 year old and proud of it.

What we've also learned is that there's always plenty of help whenever anyone needs it. This wheeler bounced off course just a little and got quick assistance to hold him upright while he moved off this pinnacle.

Below are a couple of especially nice (and skilled) 4wheelers that we have had a good time getting to know better here in Moab. Jane and Rick here easily taking an obstacle in their Rubicon Unlimited.

Some "extra credit" on the first day out was the "gravy boat." Several went in to the boat after our fine four-legged escort, Brandy, showed us how deep the water was.

With a little spotting this guy made it out of the gravy without getting a drop on him.

In the next couple of days, as we have some time between trails, you will find all kinds of new photos of 4wheelin in Moab. Check back under our Utah 2007 files.

Keep smiling!