Monday, May 14, 2007

Leaving Ken's Lake

Today is the last day of our three week stay in Moab, Utah. Tomorrow Ferd will take us on down the road once again. Making our home at Ken's Lake was even better than last year. There were old and new friends to spend time with and super times on the trails. Who could ask for a more beautiful backyard.

The last few days we've had the opportunity to get acquainted with our neighbor, Cliff, a young man who was a commercial writer and decided about ten years ago to sell out and live on his sailboat. Since then he made another lifestyle change when he went off the water to the road in his Airstream trailer. What an adventurer! He's a person who stepped outside the realm of expected behavior
to seek out unusual life experiences. It's been enjoyable listening and sharing with him. His latest exploration is in writing plays and we won't be surprised if his creative ideas end up being big broadway hits! Meanwhile, he's riding his mountain bike wherever he pleases.

There were some more good 4wheeling days last week -- thrills on many obstacle, good people to run with and desert spring flowers everywhere. Photos from these trails are posted on our images page. If you are interested in seeing a slideshow of them, click on Utah2007 in the right column. That will take you to the images page. Click again on Utah2007 and you will see the new files: Kane Creek, Golden Spike, Flat Iron Mesa and Poison Spider.

We'll be heading east for a visit with family. There will be an intermission in the blog until we have internet communication. Happy days everyone!

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